semantic html vs div

Look over the idea of the HTML 5 outline algorithm. It looks a little confusing but shows well that design layout HTML and semantic HTML5 have distinct roles. Okay, so I understand the hype about semantic markup: it enhances/ further specifies the meaning of an element or page for search engines, and therefore for humans reading search results. Let’s look over the benefits of using HTML and ARIA, why starting with semantic HTML is the way to go, and why ARIA ought to come in as a … Searching HTML with semantic classes should yield one result which makes it quick to track down. Semantic elements’ benefits for accessibility Div tag also we use the same user experience here span tag is used for some hexadecimal codes like six-digit codes which represent the amount of color is also specified the percentage values. Structuring Your HTML Document. Would you need to look at the code to understand what the function did if it was called build('Peach'), or createLiWithContent('Peach')? This is probably the first thing you will notice when looking at the first block of code using semantic elements. The